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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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:)   30th January 12
Back to the old beehive name was in on sataday was rammed real good nyt and cheap prices get ya sels in guys awesome dj

Carl   15th September 11
You can pour all the money you want into it. It will never be as good as it was with Grant and his excellent staff.

bob   3rd August 11
haha never heard 'cheery fun bar' used before

chelsea   10th July 11
its not a heavy metal bar its a cheap, cheery fun bar with mixed musi, the music changes through out the day is a good bar recommended to any1 who lked porterfield

DJ THAT USED 2 DJ ERE   5th May 11
Cant beleave how much this place keeps changing its unreal i remember when it first got took over & it was a dive but as soon as a good Rig got put in with good music & lighting show all professnily set up people started coming into this bar. This bar is no way as busy as i used to get it on the weekend's & the people & cue's into this bar it was like lola's bar is now. Shame for a bar such in a good spot not to take off as well as it should of with the new layout look & all the new signs. One thing if your going two put loads of money into making a bar look classy why still put them cheap stupid chark boreds on outside of the bar it really just defeats the object cheap & messy.

Caroline   19th April 11
It's been recently taken over by a whole new management and reopened for business. It's better than ever with karaoke every week day and great drink prices. Definitely recommend it to anyone

Alan Collings   26th December 10
Used to like this bar when it was called ''The Beehive '' - and it had a great lounge upstairs. We then had the rink or fusion @ park lane

steve   17th December 10
nice one Kez, i see the place is chocked to the gills with people. I wish you the best of luck with your money pit.

Davros   17th December 10
Music maketh the pub.....as far as I'm aware, only Sinatras and Seven play decent music in Sunderland, and always have a good crowd of punters in. Savannah? ....I'd rather listen to the brilliant jukebox ower the road in The Borough. Am gutted that The Hive is no more. Not exactly my type of music, but at least it offered something different compared to the spoonfed garbage dished out in 99 percent of the citys pubs..

To Kez   9th December 10
What kind of music is played here now? J

dobby   27th November 10
wont be the same now that grant, kay and the gang arent here anymore.

kez   22nd November 10
savannah will be back in business as savannah from this weekend newly decorated new furnishings look forward to seeing you all there!

DJ Work   3rd November 10
Hi - Im an experienced commercial dj and was wondering if you are looking for new djs. I play a wide variety of music and have played in various parts of the UK, Tenerfie and Magaluf. If so - id like to pop in or give you a call. Your tel number above gives a dead tone.

kez   1st November 10
as from 2nd nov 2010 it will be back to savannah and no rock heavy metal just nice friendly place to drink new manager new ideas x

Stacey   30th May 10
we miss our saturday nights we would stay in this bar for at least two hours before going anywhere else i cant beleave the DJ is no longer playing here on saturday nights does anyone know where he has gone he was a great DJ ?

Adam   28th April 10
You could get a lot more money over the bar if you aimed it all customers. Heavy metal is very limited.

info   25th April 10
This pub is no longer Savannah Its now called THE HIVE & It Is a heavy Metal Bar.

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