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Crowtree Road.

Photo of PorterfieldPreviously Olivers, light and spacious bar with a warm feel, the bar is named after Ian Porterfield, who played and won the F.A cup with Sunderland.
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William L P Marr   7th February 13
Ian was my cousin, it's good to see he is still a legend down in Sunderland.

daniel   1st November 12
can you email me the photos of the night 27/10/2012 plzzz....danielnufc@hotmail.co.uk

Kate   26th December 11
Cheap drink, great karaoke, clean toilets, clean tables, happy helpful staff, great food and does 18th birthday parties.

dylan   27th July 11
must say can be an alrite drink in here but defo turning into an alco pub for the older generation now. Used to be great but literaly its went rolling down the hill

stephanie   1st January 11
Great doorman on here, firm but fair, wasnt for them the pub would be like the jockey off shameless, should be more like them around town ! shame yatees and sinartras riff raff have come round here, great music ! boooming hahaa

disappointed   22nd September 10
this place is awful. its all the people who got kicked out of yates that go in here :-(

Jeremy Kyle   18th September 10
This place aint half went down hill, heard they have doorstaff on nearlly all day. Went in last saturday and was like the ''Jeremy Kyle show'' full of alco's

Local Lad   7th June 10
Used to start off in here, was always our meeting point but its went dowhhill rapidly, outside looks like the smoking shelter you'd expect for Jeremy Kyle Show most evennings with all the drunks & local folk barred from other bars, chavs & old men in tracksuits smoking rolled up cigs and shouting abuse at passers by is not the most ideal marketing strategy & certainly was'nt mentioned in the "Sunderland Echo" review when first opened? We now meet in the Derry then over to Brogans

KEV   6th May 10
What's happened to this place used to be a good bar on the route but now it seems to be the in place for all the drunks and riff raff to congregate. Won't be going back

Chelsea   15th April 10
I agree with my mate below , ;) , Stuart is very very VERY HOTT ! ,, Great doorman , and thats not the only thing he's great at ;)

sexygirl   15th April 10
that stu is shexiiii wouldnt mind a piece of that, class night out in Porterfield, and oriential wizard (dj) is absolutely amazing, brilliant tunes, loving the 69p jagerbombs. seeee yasss

jagerbomb   15th April 10
top pub, top staff and specially top doorman they do a fantastic job in this venue

Julie   30th March 10
Theres a takeaway boarded up nearby but no pubs boarded up. The food is lovely in there. Prices are a lot more reasonable than those rip off bars in Newcastle that Ian mentions.

Ian   25th February 10
This is owned by the superb Beyond Bar and Opera Piano bar in The Gate in Newcastle. Good food, good drinks and great staff. Shame its in this area of Sunderland really as all the other pubs around it are terrible or boarded up.

Kev   19th February 10
Food is excellent in here and cheap.

paulgoldsmith@ymail.com   6th February 10
do yous do a sunday lunch @ how much are they

Tabitha Hannah and Alex   19th January 10
wooooooooooooo cheap drinks! lalalaa 1.50 for a jagerbomb, a bottle and a shot ! :D:D:

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