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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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Rick   21st April 13
Has DJ Kulas played at Kula's Bar? He played at Pacha in London on April 06, 2013. Facebook KULAS aka Andre Cardiga

dave   25th July 11
Just paid 9 quid for two copperberg in lolas not impressed

Sammy G   28th August 10
yeah ive been in. the drinks were ok. but if you like your girls to be stuck up and full of self importance (excluding one or two) and like them reeking of sunbeds/spray tans then you'll love this place. dances are 12.50 and double in price and length of dance

Percy Pervis   24th August 10
I see Kulas/Agadoo's is now a lap dancing club? Anyone been in yet and want to review the place?

Sue   2nd June 10
Wonder where all the 'quality folk' were at the weekend. Certainly not in Agadoo's from what I saw !

At Last   2nd June 10
Just would like to wish agadoos the very best. The Kulas DJ on a saturday night killed the place.

Gareth   29th May 10
Its called Agadoos ffs. I heard it had something to do with benidorm... its a shame the owners want to keep bars in my & our city centre on this level. The city is going backwards, not forwards.

paula kay.   26th May 10
hey guys, I feel your pain, my favourite night club in middlesbrough got closed down and it will never be the same no matter what company takes over so i know you will never reckon much to the new owners at first but - big BUT! I know who took over kulas and can honestly say i have every faith in them....i'm going to the launch tomorrow (first night out in sunderland, better hide my smoggie accent lol). i'm not exactly sure what sort of bar kulas used to be but i hope you all like the new agadoo's party bar...this new guy who owns it now is dedicated and very excited so smiles all round by friday i hope???

Darren - Former staff   26th May 10
Alan, i am not gunna argue with you on an internet site! At the end of the day i worked there and saw it with my own eye. You didnt. End of story.

Alan.   17th May 10
Darren, I am simply stating that its impossible for a crowd to completely change after 1 night purely due to new owners and that your comment is a blatant go at someone.

Darren - Former staff   17th May 10
That wasnt Jess who wrote that, were not sure who did. And 'Jess' was a man not a women. And Alan, if you had known how much time and effort was spent you would understand how dissapointed the former staff are.

frenchy   16th May 10
i was in on saturday and like bannana jos it is full of muppets i drank half a bottle and left thought the place was a sham..

Alan. Re: Darren (Former Staff)   16th May 10
I may be mis interpreting your post here, but it seems to me that you saying under the previous ownership, Kula's Bar had a fairly good clientelle. And over the period of one day, and new owners, it has somehow managed to go 'back to square one' and be 'full of chavs'. I don't work for Kula's. I never have, and i have never worked for any of the parties involved. I just think your comment sounds like a made up lash out at someone you have a problem with.

STevie P   12th May 10
Cant be that much of a great crowd if the bar got shut/sold? lol

Ally   12th May 10
I think its funny how ''Jess - Former Owner'' cant spell the name of the bar she ''formerly owned.''

Darren - Former staff.   8th May 10
Real quality folk you say.... Good luck mate! The clientele in Kula's bar were NOT un-desirable! They were a great crowd who supported the bar after the major changes, Kula's bar had completly change from December, untill now where it is back to square one! Full of chavs, idiots and the new door staff just let any tom, dick and harry in! But any way good luck getting the ''good quality folk'' back in the city centre!

Lesley Battersby   5th May 10
Cant wait for my bar to open. I thought Kulas had a slightly un-desirable clientele i plan on bringing the real quality folk back into the city centre

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