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55 High Street West, SR1 3DP.

Photo of HarleysOne of the most deceiving venues around. Enter at street level and it's a small, dimly lit room with Far-Eastern style sheets draped across the ceiling and a traditional looking bar at the far end. However, upstairs opens out into a spacious American-themed bar complete with a DJ and expensive-looking lighting.
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podge   2nd August 09
smells of bacon from day time crowd best as a cafe than bar

dj hutch   26th April 09
re mix x i agree wit ya scho is me mate pure legend! but he's more into the producing side of things now but im sure he wouldnt turn something like that down!

MIZZ X   8th April 09
Get the kiddy ravers off the decks and get Dj schoby back. I was in there 30/09/06 his music is just the best, what were you thinking? Send people back to the monkey and let the real Dj take over, you dont know what your missing.

Tager H   15th April 08
THE TASTE OF ITALY (Somone should tell these guys less is often more). Still, im sure they'll get the passing High Street pensioners and teenage mothers after something different to a pasty.

dot   10th April 08
si - they won't let you heat your own food up, just in case someone gets poisioned, they are not liable for anything if it was to go wrong. most bars won't touch an 18th birthday, the only way you can get round this is for people you invite having to provide adequate id - passport/photo driving licence

andy   10th April 08
hmmm isnt this an italian restaurant now?

mr knowitall   1st March 08
well if you ask the management about your 18th they will prob help you out on that score and supply all the stuff you need ok give them a ring emily if not try ttonic upstairs or rush or kula s bar and the same advice goes to si they can get doormen on but if you know any doormen they will prob help you out ok but just look around for other venues ok all the best at harley s byee

emily   27th February 08
anyone know if this place does 18ths? nowhere seems to and i reckon its canny unfair...we arent all idiots =x

jonno   12th January 08
dont worry about other people coming in on a night, it's always as empty as a pennywell lasses head. probably hire the place for 5 bob and a pickled egg!

kevin&perry aka(podge&howie}   11th January 08
top food in here love it

si   10th January 08
How much does it cost to hire the whole place up stairs and down stairs, for a birthday party? does it have anywhere that you can warm food up if you cater yourself? Do you pay for bar staff, and if its a private function how can you stop other people coming in over the evening? Thank you.

Buzz-Promotions   2nd December 07
Anyone know the Capacity of the Function room?

donna n sam   23rd November 07
upstairs is the best like cnt wait for the raves

anon   23rd September 07
whos big ginger bird behind bar on days shes a good un you married watch for me smiling at you and do i get my roast cheaper as im 67 this birthday

julies   19th September 07
Whos kidding, who here kevin the last emails your friends its now a cafe / restraunt not in the same league as otheres now sorry kevin x , i used to go out a few years ago too with you x you got my number ?

sue   4th September 07
food is amazing and cheap eva cant beat it keep up the good work kevin x

nicky   9th July 07
i could get that place bouncing again on a fri and sun night coz wouldnt wanna jump on the ravers toes all i do is hard house trance and dance wit bit of funky house.

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