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Stockton Road. Tel: 0191 567 3562

Photo of ChaplinsLarge room with a big bar facing you as you enter, has a nice beer garden right in the city centre so you can watch the world go by as you chill in the sun.
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Michael d Stewart   22nd October 14
My local, were excellent when my Dad passed away and let us used the pub afterwards, all my mate's drink here,good football coverage for the most part, a Black cats meeting point pre match

Unhappy Customer   16th August 14
I met my huband in Chaplins on Friday 15th August at around 6.30, we stood for about 10 minutes and tried to get served, when my husband asked the barman for a pint, he went to another person and asked if he would like serving who wasnt even making any attempt to get served, the barman said he would serve us after him, we promptly left and went to the Cooper Rose where we got served with a smile. Doubt we will be returning.

J   14th April 11
Cracking pint of Stones - great meeting place on a night out - fab friendly bar staff - what more can I say !

Happy Chick   6th November 10
Great place to go, I was there last weekend for drinks with my friends and had a fab time! There is such a large selection of draught drinks, wine, cocktails and bottles. They even do food through the day which is reasonably priced and have a quiz on thursday! I think my friends and I will be going more often now!

The Wearsider   14th May 10
Samson is quality in there. Danny is turning the place around.

andy   27th April 10
Used to be a great starting bar but it stinks now whats happened?

Stevie   1st April 10
Used to have Lambtons on, but no more ?

Arnie   30th March 10
Wish they would get the bottles of Double Maxim in here or get some cask DM. After all its a former Vaux pub.

Kev   16th February 10
Good to see the Lambtons back.

Kev   2nd February 10
Whats happening to the Lambtons in here ? Not selling it anymore ? !

Kingey   17th November 09
Your right there Nathe I was in on Friday and the Lambtons was the business.

Nathe   16th November 09
Toppa pint of Lambtons in Chappos.

Anne and the girls   27th October 09
OMG just been there for girls friday night pre drinks and fell in love with the new irish bar man, what a lush bloke! Tall, dark and handsome, and with that irish silver tongue, makes the ber worth the visit just to seee him smile, well done for hiring this beau, cant wait till next time!

jules   30th September 09
we go in every match day before and after game friendly staff and good atmosphere its one of my favourite pubs and i have managed to convert a few of my friends into starting our girls nights out here. x

phoeneticallypoetic   29th September 09
Hi my girlfreind is trying to get in touch with a girl she went to school with who worked at this bar. Her names Sarah, attractive lass, Browny/red hair? don't think shes still working here as of recently i've not seen her and lo and behold the missus asks me to pass on a message!

H.   18th September 09
Cracking pint of Lambtons in there last night.

blondie   31st August 09
more men than women in this bar!