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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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Bud   25th February 11
Can't beleive this place has closed like

jeremy kyle   25th November 10
hahaha is noor alkhatib Kit or Kat?

noor alkhatib   17th November 10
Hi, I used to work at buds with my twin a few years ago but I left to move away and do glamour modeling. I have moved back to sunderland now and was woundering if you have any jobs. I really enjoyed working there, Thank u noor_alkhatib@hotmail.co.uk 07775939876

Alex   10th October 10
I can't believe how much of a dive this place has become in one year, bring back days of old, change has not helped here at all!

Davey   24th September 10
Phil your so right Mondays used to be terrific in here and the Dj was a fat guy, so funny he was. I was in a couple of weeks ago and I fail to see where the place has been busy, it was empty at 9pm on a Friday night must have only been 30 or so in and for a pub the size of Bud Bigallows that's quite poor, the man playing the music was not very friendly either, my partners asked for a song and he told her to go away in a very nasty way! Isn't that what he is paid for to play requests and stuff?

Phil   18th September 10
Sorry guy's girl's, but this was a bouncin place on a monday night, 5 in drinks all night, quallity DJ who could have a laugh and not just stand their and play music , interacted with the customers. Fair enough might of stepped over the mark a few times but thats the way things happened in their. Ever since Whylam has took over place was dead to start off with but it has been filling up week after week.

Jennifer   12th September 10
I love Buds but the toilets are disgusting, they are always stinking and most of them don't work and there is very rarely any toilet roll. I think towards the end of the night the staff just forget to do their toilet checks?

Gareth   14th June 10
You have gone cheese mental mate. You'll go to hell for playing that music mind!

steve pybus   7th June 10
cheese cheese and more cheese its the cheddar cheese bar of Sunderland haha x

Hi   4th June 10
Could anyone tell me what DJs are here and what kind of music this place plays. thanks G

Lee Thompson   24th May 10
What's with the upstairs in here? looks lovely when we went in other week. Music was spot on and some tidy birds...but call it Bud Biggalows lounge or whatever and you'll never get the right crowd in each week. We would of still thought it was a lap dancing club if we had'nt went to toilets in Bud Biggalows. me and me mates walked straight past it the last few weeks. Shame, as it could be a jumpin little club venue.

Chris   23rd April 10
Oh and one more thing, I have not made any comments on this site about myself or the bar in years,I thinkk the last time was over some ginger girl but thats besides the point, I have a life and I am happy getting on with it I have no need to get into some sort of pissing contest over who is or who isnt best. I have recieved email after email from punters and people asking where I am and they all get told the same thing I dont work there anymore. Hope this clarifies the situation and I trust now you can all find something or someone more interesting to slag off. Those of you who know me know that if I have something to say I say it, I dont need to hide behind a sudenom. Lorraine, Tony, Donna and the rest of the team, I wish you very good luck buds is and can be a cracking bar stick at it you will get there with it Im sure.

Chris   23rd April 10
With reference to Gavin's comment, I used to be the DJ in buds for 5-6 years, I chose to quit buds all together and for many reasons, when it comes to party music and such like I am a very good and highly compitent DJ and have been for many years however, each to their own, if I was asked to mix, scratch or do anything other than that field would be the first to say I would fall flat on my arse. There is alot of skill in being a DJ and it does not just come down to the pressing of a button, knowing what to play and when to play it is a pretty hard thing to do if your clueless with music or how your crowd will react, there are a handful of excellent party DJ's in the northeast however as seems to be the case there are no longer many true party venues. That aside, a change is a GOOD thing every once in a while, Buds has had owner after manager after owner and the old theme which worked so well in there is dead and gone, it was time for buds to change and I wish wylam all the best in their persuit of it, Tony has the right frame of thought in that people should go in and try it, if you dont like it and a bar is rarely to everyones taste, then there are others out there but what have you got to lose by walking in and just having a look, if you have the right manager and the right staff with the right DJ you will have a right good time!

glad for change   13th April 10
wud jus like to well done to wylam leisure, this bar is slowly turning around and me and my friends will be heading back ona friday and sat nite, great new DJ, good music, pretty fit manager and barstaff, always a bonus lol, and a good company from what i can gather, nt to sure bout bud's lounge tho ??

Gareth   11th April 10
Lets just hope with Revolution and hopefully the company who own Popollos will do something good with Aspire, and turn this little edge of the town into a place to provide better quality for those who want it

JT   10th April 10
Ref the best dj in town, is this the guy that causes more arguments about music on this site wherever he works and gets sacked from everyone of them ???

Adrian (Touchsoul)   1st April 10
Have to agree with Tony. Been reading some of the comments and yeah, I do agree that there is an over abundance of cheese/commerical pubs in this town. There is'nt enough variation, unless you like rock and indie...

At least Wylam is doing something different with each venue and if there is people, like myself, who want a change from the usual drone, then check out The Bud Lounge (next door to Lambton Worm). Open Fri and Sat nights, with Touchsoul DJ's playing the best in Deep House, Disco, Soul, Funk and Boogie grooves..classic to contemporary. If you want a different dancefloor soundtrack in a smart new venue then check it out. You wont hear this stuff anywhere else in town...

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