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Bo Ab

Holmeside, opposite Blu Bambu

Photo of Bo AbThe latest addition to Sunderland's bar scene, on the corner of green terrace BoAb brings a fresh look to Sunderland with black and steel decor a clean fresh look for the regular outgoer. Open 7 nights a week with spectacular music and reasonable prices.
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Maddie   12th February 13
Love this bar but find it really irritating when they have you standing in a queue outside when inside is not really busy. I could see the bar staff had no one to serve on Saturday but still had to wait in a queue for 15 mins. (I must be mad)

Lola   12th September 12
Hi Casy pleased you had a good night in our bar, we can only apologise about the plastic vessels, we are however looking at new glasses made from safety glasses. Contact our Facebook page via private message and i we will do our best to make it up to you on your next visit.

Casy   5th September 12
Great atmosphere but drinks were served in warm plastic glasses. Not quite what I expected

Lola   15th May 12
Possible to get this up to date for Lola's. http://vimeo.com/42039251

mickey f   24th November 10
Lets hope its stocks Double Maxim like Bo Ab did.

?????   16th November 10
Nope not wylam leisure. All will be revealed soon.

Get in   16th November 10
I've seen the poster Wylam Leisure ?

??????   12th November 10
New bar coming soon watch this space!

Never Again??   21st July 10
I left a comment on here May 2008 and was right - closed due to the attitude and poor management. People avoided the place as the doorstaff were menacing, bar staff totally boring, prices too high....etc etc etc.....yes you are another statistic as I correctly predicted. just hope you pay off your debts to the people you owe.

Mick   13th June 10
Spoke to the agent direct myself as my company was really interested in looking at this place. Said the previous owner had disappeared off the map since it shut (which in my experience means without doubt only one thing, That more money is owed than first stated to agent and the agent only knows half the story, which is common in the licensed trade, 99 percent of sales are for reasons that the bar is losing money but the owners refuse to supply agents with this information). This was about three weeks ago and I have heard nothing since. The agent dealing with it is well known in Sunderland and I can't really see it being them dragging their feet to be honest. The owner used to have Berlins (now Rush) before Boab and made a pigs ear of that one aswell so with my limited knowledge of the owner I can only summize he's buried his head. Anyway, we are still as interested as ever in this place as we feel traded right, it is without doubt one of the best locations in town. If we don't get it then, to be brutally honest, the very best of luck to the people who do as this is a gold mine for a good operator, and only shows the stubborn nievity of the old owner.

Frankie   12th June 10
Any fresh news on this ?

Miles   20th May 10
Re: Stewart, we have had exactly the same experience; we expressed an interest in Boab 6 weeks ago and the owners of the lease seem totally disinterested in actually getting back to us in order to sell it.

stewart   16th May 10
my company has been trying to take this property over but without sucess, the agent for the landlord shows no interest so it would seem,

Lee   14th May 10
Hope they find a new owner soon.

Jodie   2nd May 10
Another one bites the dust so it would seem. What a shame

The Wearsider   19th February 10
Buskers night on a tuesday is worth a visit in herea nd they sell btls of Double Maxim !

big Bob   26th January 10
can you guys tell whats the best gay pubs to hang out in? cheers dears x

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