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Blu Bambu

Vine Place.

Photo of Blu BambuOpened as Beach in 2001, then re-named Blu Bambu in 2006 after a million pound refit. The trendy upstairs room is dedicated to R&B followers and has an impressive light wall which would not go a miss in a Beyonce video. Then in the main arena you can see anything from big name DJs to today’s much talked about soap stars. It also features pyrotechnic shows, the only laser show in Sunderland, bubble machines and a sound system that blows your mind. A state of the art venue worth discovering for yourself, some great nights out.
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Joely Morrion   2nd September 12
Hello we were planning on having a surprise 16th preferably in 2-3 weeks time. We were wondering if it would be possible to have it on a weekend between six till ten. Thank you please email a respone JoelyMorrison@hotmail.com

Lisa-Jane Keegan   26th July 12
My name is Lisa, I am currently organising a hen party for my friend Chloe Lawrenson, soon to be Mrs Power, on Saturday 28th July. I recognise that this is short notice and that it is probably one of your busier nights, but I was wondering if you could offer us any promotions or discounts for bringing the party to your bar. You are my friends favourite late night bar and this would make her night extra special if there was anything you could do. Thank you for taking your time to read this. 07782346563

kelly   7th April 12
hi could you please contact me on 01914524955 if my htc desire s phone has been handed in please it has a lot of family pictures on which i would really appreciate if i was to get back. many thanks kelly.x

Bobby   19th October 11
Used to work at Bambu and it was the best time of my life.

rebekah rose cooper   24th July 11
haha the pub is named after me hahaa ;)

lauren   28th March 11
well Cooper Rose we did come and try and yes it was good first week we came so we did the same the next week and god what a change in a week music was not the same it was more for chavers and to top that you had alot of kids in why do new pubs have to do that we thought we had found a new bar for nice people so hope you change it back and then we will be back again sorry to have to point this out but you have got a nice bar x

Louis   11th March 11
Thanks yes I sampled the Lambtons and Swedish Blonde last week in the C.Rose and they were spot on. Will you being getting the Maximus and Double Maxim on draught as few places in Sunderland city centre have them on. Thaks again.

Cooper Rose   6th March 11
Louis- we do stock the Maxim ales!
Lauren- we play a wide mix of music from chart favourites to handbag hits to dance classics! We aim to cater for all age ranges and tastes. We are very different to the previous venue.
Please come try us and let us know what you think! :)

Lauren   25th February 11
I hope Copper Rose doesn't play dance music, there's already enough places what play that crap; I thought Copper Rose was going to be an upper-class bar. Please don't play dance, Me and my friends need something different in Sunderland because if you play dance music people will just think it's the same old Bambu

To Management   24th February 11
Are you looking for DJs for this venue what type of music will you be playing. THanks G

Cooper Rose   22nd February 11

Louis   21st February 11
Cooper Rose - looking foward to your opening will there be no reference to the former Durham Book Centre shop which was on the site and has loads of memories for us Wearsiders. On the Wearside theme are you going to get some Sunderland ales in like Jamesons and the Worm e.g.s Lambtons Samson Maximus Double Maxim and Delilah ?

Cooper Rose   18th February 11
We are set to open on Tuesday 1st March! Why the name??? The Cooper Rose vaccinator was created by a vaccination doctor who lived on the street back in 1871! Much more information on our name is on the walls around the pub.

Alan Vincent   20th January 11
Wetherspoons uses local knowledge for the names, who is/was Cooper Rose in Sunderland?

JD Wetherspoon   11th January 11
Lloyds No1 - Cooper Rose opens 15th March

geeebeee   7th December 10
It is to re-open March 2011 as a Lloyds bar

DJ Paul   24th November 10
This place could be so much better it needs a refurb On name & changed to BAMBU It is such a mint place lights etc... & Layout is cool shame to see it closed so much.

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