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Baker Street

52/54 High Street West, SR1 3DP. Tel: 0191 567 3938

Photo of Baker StreetPreviously Boulevard, Neat and modern design with big front windows looking out on the high street.
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hewitt   14th May 14
Fab food, will be back

David Birt   25th August 09
On arrival at this establishment it looked like a nice place, however, the 'Carvary' was not infact 'Carvary' cos the food was plated and brought to our table by children definately well under the age of 14, whether thats legal or not, its still wrong...my advice, dont eat there, there are much better places to eat in town, and the staff aint got a clue about food, cos the menus were on the tables but we cudnt order from them, and they seem to be very good at re-heating food in a microwave....Go sumwhere else, trust Birty on this one....

julie arkle   21st July 09
Visited Baker St twice the 1st time was ok. The 2nd time (saturday 18th July) was a terrible experience, the waitress who served me rolled her eyes as i approached the counter and was that uninterested in her job managed to take the wrong order when this was later pointed out she made no effort to apologise, The food arrived and i requested to speak to manager who advised he would give us refund. I am still waiting for this and the food was cold and unappetising. We left the food and teh restaurant. Almost 10 wasted. Next time I will walk past and go to Marks and Spencers

M   30th January 09
Im just glad that boulevard has gone, the one comment you see that actually likes the place even 'rites like dis' so you can tell the type of people it attracted! It is a shame in a way though because now Jadee's has gone to, were getting that lot down the decent end of town!

colleen   18th January 09
cant beleve the comments this place is getting i remember the time you had to q to get in, it was mint big tunes blasting out none stop, you could never move in the place.. boy aint times changed. pity. never been in there since moving away.

me   12th December 08
wots the crack lol weres the bounce tunes gone this place is dust with out them get the music sorted and the crowds will come bk

debbie   30th November 08
whats going on with the service here and food, poor very poor, whats with microwavin evrything... not be back, sorry place dont look clean.

Steph and pals   7th November 08
Against my better judgement tried the calvary here for a change, and one taste was definatly enough, i wont be back again! And my the looks of how many people get in I think i am most definatly not alone in this view.

hugh   20th October 08
boulevard has now changed name and is now called baker street, now serving great traditional bar food and upmarket style delights for your liking. they do a great cavery all day everyday also... Also in conjuntion with bar Dakota, so watch out for great offers between the two places, so come on folks great price on food in fact the best price while we going through the credit crunch, so come on down and give us a try....

sid   9th July 08
the dj is a ass he repeats his music too much get a good dance scouse house dj and then you may get a crowd

tasha   18th June 08
hiya my name is tasha i think this pub is mint and i know someone there and the food is loverly

ash   20th May 08
oh my god came here sat for once it was free entry and empty as usual dj sending out the same music over and over about a year back it was always busy time to throw the towel in i recon

dj kev   16th May 08
its biger than some in sunderland. and its a 500 capacity so therefore its big

re; dj kev   15th May 08
all correct, and rewind isn't really a "big bar"

dj kev   15th May 08
what part of ex-punter's comments are correct? i agree this side of town is dead now, even jaydees is loosing punters cos everyone goes to the other side of town, and the big bar in newcastle would be rewind

RE: dj kev   15th May 08
the re: ex punter comments are correct... and which big bar in newcastle would this be?

Kayleigh   18th April 08
Used to love Boulevard once upon a time... (When KEV was DJ'in) It isn't the same now! But yeah Kev you should go back to Boulevard ;-) We miss ya youngin' :-) x

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