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34 Low Road. Tel: 0191 510 2601

Photo of AspirePreviously Baroque, The new design is modern and cozy, boasts a large and professional cocktail list, and a great food selection during the day.
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Popolo   6th April 10
Havent the people who owned Popollos bought this? Haway do something with the place the drinks over there are amazing.

Julie   6th April 10
Are you waiting for summer so you don't have to bother with heating system lol

james   4th April 10
Suppose it a nice quite place for a drink, what it busy day? Seems dead all the time

re. chris   1st April 10
its April now still dont c anything happening wots going on?

Chris Jones   25th February 10
yeah, the relaunch is still going ahead, the delay has been due to an issue with the heating system but as i stated previously, keep your eyes peeled for exciting things ahead!

re. chirs   11th February 10
Is this opening went the other day but it was still closed? - its middle of feb now

Chris Jones   21st January 10
Louise, this bar is definitely open! It has just been bought by Principle Leisure and is set for a massive relainch at the end of Jan, start of Feb...... keep ya eyes peeled and get ready for this place to get back to where it belongs, THE place to be in the city centre. Massive overhaul coming including music policy. Spread the word!

louise   15th January 10
is this even open now?

steve   1st May 09
jagerbombs 99p on a monday, awesome, just wish the staff were quicker so you didnt have to wait 10 mins for 1.

CM   29th April 09
That's true when you compare it to the house vodkas in many places - but better vodka such as Absolut and Skyy are readily available in other bars too.

Managment team   23rd April 09
thankyou Jo Jo!
CM- Compared with the other vodkas i have tasted around Sunderland city centre i would say that Smirnoff is a premium spirit!
While I appreciate not everyone agrees with our prices we do aim to serve the drinks to the highest possible standard. We are trying to do something different from ever other bar in the town! We appreciate everyones opinions and thoughts on the venue! There are many offers on now!
Mon - 99p VK, jagaerbombs, house wine, fosters ice and 2-4-1 Cocktails
Tue-Wed - 2-4-1 cocktails, 3 VK for 5, 4 Corkys 5
Thur - 1.50 Pint of Fosters, Glass of House wine, bttle VK, bttle Fosters Ice
Also Vk energy is available as an alternative to Redbull and is cheaper!

jo jo   8th March 09
dj was fabulous on sat night. called in for one drink, ended up staying all night to hear the music. gotta be the best music in the town right now.

Becca   16th January 09
Love cocktails, but won't be returning to this bar. The cocktails are delicious and you guys are the only place that do my favourite purple rain!, but simply can't be doing with paying the prices you charge. Nice bar though! Good atmosphere.

CM   2nd January 09
Exactly, cocktails shouldn't take that long to make. And Smirnoff isn't exactly a 'premium' spirit - it's the cheapest of the more upmarket ones. I'd take Absolut any day over Smirnoff.

craig   1st January 09
2-4-1 when they cost a fortune to begin with? and a double vodka redbull over 6? Theres loads of places in sunderland using premium spirits and real redbull that charge so much less! And what you mean the cocktails are fresh? They should hardly take longer than a vodka, lime and lemonade to make! doesnt take 10 mins to do a bit of shaking, stiring or muddling!

management team   31st December 08
thanx stevo! i understand that cocktails take longer than other places however this is because they are fresh! the deals on cocktails are amazing! buy 1 get 1 free monday to wednesday! We apreciate your thoughts about our drinks offers but the prices are due to the fact we use premium spirits therefore the vodka is smirnoff and we serve real red bull! however other offers will be coming available shortly!

stevo0   21st December 08
i dont get it? i was in on tuesday and the cocktails were nice and cheap and prepared to perfection by very friendly staff. i understand that 15mins is a long time to wait for a cocktail (unless it was a mojito for example); however expecting a cocktial to be quickly thrown together in a matter of seconds is stupid. if you dont appreciate the effort you wont appreciate the drink.

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