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In The Point

Photo of ArizonaIn The Point, Just like the state, it has a Country and Western theme, large room where the whole bar is a dance floor. With one main bar and exits to Velvet Lounge and Purple Bar.
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Jane Carr   4th October 13
We love all the charty music in here now much better than the cheesy rubbish

Clara   8th September 11
Very true! Makes a change to see seomnoe spell it out like that. :)

John   30th July 11
Used to be a regular visitor to Arizona, there's now one particular door staff who has taken a serious disliking to me and my friend. I'm now 'barred', for... well, I'm not entirely sure. Such a shame.

J   14th April 11
Always the best place to finish off - guaranteed a snog (at least) at the end of your night out unless you are my friend who never does - can anyone tell me what that is all about ?

Dan   26th January 11
Frikkin love this place! Always end up having a cracking time!

Tom   12th January 11
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KitConKat   9th October 10
I absolutley love Arizona me and my boyfriend always start the night off here for the cheap drinks and good music you can be sure that every sat we are in the middle dancing the night away we will go else where but always end up back here its the best :)

Donna P   14th February 10
love to start the night here and then come back to end a great night out :)

sarah   22nd November 09
great bar, always busy, a must for every night out

Donna   29th September 09
one of the best bars in sunderland, was there a couple of weeks back i would go again

Jim   25th June 09
In regards to Richie and Dominics comment, the sexy bouncer is on maternity leave and will be back soon!

Richie   5th June 09
I agree with dominics comment.. She is quite something ! .. Come on people sort it out, we want her back !

ejay   20th May 09
always find me and my mates in there on a saturday night, dancing the night away on the stage. Doorstaff are amazing and bar staff top notch ! Arizona best place in the town easy, keep it up :). :)

dominic   16th May 09
great bar, great prices on a sunday, sexy bar staff but where is the sexy sexy sexy woman bouncer? music is good and was better when watching her dance, beautiful smile and very sexy eyes. come on management sort it for me and my mates, was much better than going to minx.

James   10th May 09
[re- Joe]. "The Last Chance Range" - but it shuts at like half 3!? Glass Spider is the surely the true 'Last Chance Saloon' around these parts... You can see it in the eyes of their clientel; a combination of lust, desperation and the beginnings of a hangover... Classy.
Arizona is a peak-time, pre-club venue though. Great fun, nice decor and music is decent, mainstream stuff to get you in the party mood. If you don't like it, theres always Purple next door playing the quality house...

Frasier   9th May 09
Decent enough, best to go early rather than late though. Lasses advised to be careful of smashed glass. Why don't they use plastic bottles and glasses?

Joe   9th May 09
The Last Chance Ranch. Music is poor every week and am sure its just a recording played week after week and far too loud. But come 11ish its packed. Get in there.